• Almaden Sushi The quality was great & yummy.

  • The fish is decently fresh. My favorite part about it

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Almaden Sushi's best review of our client in Yelp.
I can't believe that it was good, like REALLY good. Wow!
I've grown up in Almaden and quite frankly all the restaurants have been pretty bad but this place is amazing! A small local shop, no fancy decorations but the sushi is absolutely delicious. I'm picky about my fish but the quality was fantastic!!!

We got the 49er and the Camden roll. Updated the crab in the 49er roll from imitation crab to authentic crab for $2. Appreciated their willingness to make the adjustment.

Service was quick and everyone was friendly.
Again, I'm in shock & really had my doubts. So thankful this place is here! I wish I had known sooner. Took some to go for my parents. My Dad loved it. He said, "Let's make this a part of our weekly routine moving forward"

Definitely go here! No need to drive to Campbell or Willow Glen for Sushi anymore!

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