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“We aren’t advertising or putting up large banners because we want to grow slowly, and each customer is important. We want to get the food right and not overwhelm the waiters.” Owner put together the restaurant’s menu using items from other places he has worked. Almaden Sushi offers a variety of traditional Japanese foods as well as Japanese/American food. The food is priced for middle-class patrons, he says. “We’re not in it for the money, but because we get to do what we like.” They use only the freshest ingredients. Meat and fish are delivered daily by IMP. They make daily trips to the Restaurant Depot to ensure the vegetables are fresh. The restaurant offers meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with traditional Japanese selections including donburi, katsu, tempura, udon and teriyaki as well as a large variety of sushi and sashimi. For those watching salt and grease, Youm says cooks use less salt than do most Japanese restaurants. Almaden Sushi also offers some unique items such as a sashimi taco, which owner says is like ceviche in a hard-shell taco, and kimchee udon. Its menu lists two full pages of various sushi and rolls, and all dinners come with miso soup and salad.

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